Apartments That Matches Your Lifestyle

Your Dream Student Apartment Awaits

Welcome to a world where your college living experience gets a major upgrade! At 4th Street Commons, every apartment is a blend of modern chic and comfort. Picture yourself in spaces boasting sleek kitchens, cozy living areas, and breathtaking views. Convenience meets style with in-unit washers and dryers and individual lease agreements, simplifying your student life.

Studio Apartments

Compact Luxury Studio Spaces

Our studio apartments are perfect for students who love a compact, efficient lifestyle. These smartly designed spaces feature full kitchens, comfortable living areas, and plenty of natural light. Ideal for studying or relaxing, our studios offer a modern, minimalist approach to student living.

  • Space-Saving Design
  • Full-Size Kitchen
  • Bright and Airy Ambience

One-Bedroom Apartments

Stylish 1-Bedroom Student Sanctuaries

Experience the perfect balance of privacy and style in our 1-bedroom apartments. Each unit is a haven of comfort, with spacious living rooms, private bedrooms, and stylish furnishings. These apartments are ideal for students who appreciate a bit more space and serenity.

  • Spacious Living Room
  • Private Bedroom
  • Modern Furnishings
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Roomy 2-Bedroom Retreats for Students

Our 2-bedroom apartments are the epitome of shared comfort and personal space. They’re perfect for roommates or solo dwellers who love extra space with large common areas, private bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Enjoy the blend of communal living and personal privacy.

  • Large Common Areas
  • Two Full Bathrooms
  • Ideal for Roommates
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Expansive 4-Bedroom Community

Our 4-bedroom apartments redefine group living with communal harmony and personal space. Each sizable bedroom offers individual sanctuary, while the large shared living area is perfect for group studies or social gatherings. These apartments are ideal for students who love community vibes with a touch of privacy.

  • Individual Bedrooms for Privacy
  • Spacious Shared Living Area
  • Perfect for Group or Club Living
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